martes, 29 de septiembre de 2009

Anouk - Who's your momma (2007)

(con enlaces al espectacular concierto de Gelredome)

Sometimes your life is so miserable that you feel you have a ball and chain on your feet. You can’t see the end, you even pray to a good God to help you. Something to change. Something to take the clouds away the sky, to make it rain. You are often in the middle of the daze. I might as well feel the way you do.

- I don’t wanna hurt - you say. But you must understand that now we are living in a modern world, so you choose, that’s the difference.

- If you were mine..- you say. Whatever you say to me, it won´t change my mind. I feel the same about you, If I go, it’s just to come back faster to help you.

Si te pareció curiosa esta chorrada, aquí hay otra parecida con el tracklist de Kings of Leon - Only by the night

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