lunes, 2 de julio de 2012

Las 30 canciones Ríder de junio

But I won't follow you Into the rabbit hole. I said I would but then I saw the ship of woes they didn't want me to

2 - Broken Social Scene – Swimmers
If you always get up late You'll never be on time

3 – Deeper Upper – In the sands of a desert
Your steps are made of life and you leave the prints on the bodies

4 – Jamie Cullum, Frank T, Tina - Ciudadanos de un lugarllamado mundo
Voy a romper la ventana que nos separa, colarme bailando en tu casa

5 – Love of Lesbian – Nadiepor las calles
Nunca he sido un libro abierto, pero explico buenos cuentos. Si quieres, ahora, que hay tiempo, empiezo a recitar el nuestro

6 – Evaline - Beneath the fire
I’m tired…

7 – Hot Chip – Motion sickness
 Everything spins on my head

8 – Juli Fabian & Zoohacker - Like a child
Let it drink a sip of wine

9 - Mario Díaz - Homenaje a la mía vida
Porque esta noche será una de esas noches de las que duran dos o tres días, de las que acabas en comisaría

10 – Lambchop - Gone tomorrow
Sometimes I find things on the street

11 – Jonathan Jeremiah - That same old line
I know there’s something here for you

12 – Seether - Fine again
One day too late, just as well

13 – Miike Snow - Bavarian #1 (say you will)
Would you come over, forgive my hard ways and stay up all night

14 – Sigur Rós – Varúð
(a saber qué canta aquí el colgao)

15 - Orbital – Never

16 - Bobby Womack - Please forgive my heart
To the blindness of the night and we see reflexions so clear and the blush, blush of the morning light

17 – Camarón - Bendita sea mi tierra
Me gusta reñir contigo porque luego hago las paces

18 – Bloc Party - Blue light
I still feel you and the taste of cigarettes

19 – Snow Patrol - Fallen empires
Arms and legs I’m too scared to beg

20 – Tryo - Toi et moi
Toi et moi, dans tout ça, on n'apparaît pas, on se contente d'être là, on s'aime et puis voilà on s'aime

21 - Ben Howard - Only love
Give me shelter or show me heart

22 - Wild Beasts - End come too soon
Sweet concubine, the night's divine in an never ending line of lovers. End come too soon

23 – Poindexter – Helpless
I can feel your heart beat when you're dancing next to me

24 – Warren Zevon - Keep me in your heart
There's a train leaving nightly called "When All Is Said and Done"

25 - José Gonzalez - Put your hand on your heart
Well, it's one thing to fall in love but another to make it last

26 – Iamamiwhoami – Play
Take off your hat and pull a rabbit out for me

27 – Najwa - Donde rugen losvolcanes
Pronto distinguiremos entre los pedazos que nos separan

28 - Yeasayer – Henrietta
But you would survive, just like nobody does

29 – Minerals - Last time
Take me to another girl

Y la que probablemente sea la canción de junio:

30 – Guns N’ Roses – Better
If I were you I'd manage to avoid the invitation

¿Alguna te ha gustado (en especial)?