sábado, 23 de febrero de 2013

Blossom Dearie - Try your wings

El fortuito efecto aleatorio del Winamp me ha vuelto a recordar una maravilla que me lleva acompañando en modo repeat una grata tarde de sábado previaje.

If you've never been in love and you're longing for the happiness it brings, try your wings 
If you're hungry for the sound of a lover saying sentimental things, try your wings

Even the tiniest bluebird has to leave its nest to fly
What a bluebird can do you can do too, if you try

If you've always had a dream but you've been afraid that it would not come true, hitherto
Fall in love and you will find that it's just what you've been dreaming of

A first love never comes twice so take this tender advice
When it comes, try your wings and fly to the one you love